What is two-way radio communication? Radio communication is a simple, convenient, reliable way of two-way communication and transmission of information between mobile and stationary objects using two-way radios and walkie-talkies (transceivers), by which voice is transmitted via radio frequencies. In the 1960s – 1990s, this was the only way to get a voice communication without wires. Since the 90s, mobile phones have occupied a part of the niche of two-way radio communications, but it is still continuing to be used by professionals in the workplace, transport, city services, the military, police, by the security guards, doctors, and by ordinary citizens.

Why do radios continue to be used for over 100 years?

  1. This is an instant and very simple type of voice communication. No need to remember and dial long phone numbers and wait for the connection - just press the transmit button and start talking. Two-way radios are easy to use, do not require care, you can master the work with them in a matter of minutes.
  2. Radio is a broadcast type of communication. The speaker is heard by everyone who is tuned to the same channel. If you need to notify all your employees (neighbors, colleagues, friends or fellow travelers) about something, you do not need to call everyone in turn. Just press the button and tell it once. Conferencing between multiple phones is a rather tricky thing to set up, but for any walkie-talkie it is a natural state that does not require any settings.
  3. Radio communication is the most independent type of communication. Unlike telephone, cellular, trunk, paging and other types of centralized communication, civilian  radio communication is not tied to other people's antennas and can be used in any, even the most remote place at the discretion of the owner. It works when wired communications are damaged, in the absence of electricity, in the countryside, in the sea, in the forest and in the mountains.
  4. Radio communication is a relatively inexpensive form of communication. Currently, there are radio operators who have large branched networks and offer their services and additional services for money. But in most cases, in order to use radio communication, it is  enough to buy the necessary number of radios for a certain frequency range and you can  immediately start using them without any further payment.

Thanks to these advantages, the two-way radio solutions continue to be used by all the people who need reliable, simple and inexpensive, operational voice communication.

Which model of two-way radio to choose?

It depends on the goal. Let's consider a few typical cases.

Case 1

Limited area

Suppose you need to establish operational communication in a relatively small area of a building or territory - in a group of tourists, security guards, employees of an enterprise or agricultural farm. In this case, portable radio will be a right fit. Without permission and license in most European countries* you can use transceivers of the PMR frequency range (446 MHz). The PMR radios are also successfully used for fast communication in hotels, shops, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, warehouses and parking lots. The communication range will be determined by the characteristics of the device (mainly power), the density of the building, the terrain, as well as the level of interference in the air. For the low-cost radio PMR 446 MHz range, the operational distance would be from hundreds of meters to some kilometers. An example of a simple, economical and reliable walkie-talkie in this range is the Luiton LT-458 (check out on Promarket-eu or ,,,, The radio is well tested in the different weather conditions and under the harsh working circumstances. The radio has a minimum of buttons. To start working with it, you do not even need an manual. Unlike many "indoor use" walkie-talkies, LT-458 is built in a rugged, impact-resistant polycarbonate case with an aluminum frame. Equipped with a Li-Ion battery. Certified for use in the European Union. ) .

Case 2

On the road

In the case when the communications are necessary on the road (for travelers, campers, and especially for professional truck and bus drivers), it is better to install a 27 MHz (CB - Citizen Band) car two-way radio in the vehicle . With a good outdoor antenna, such as radio can provide communication over a distance of tens of kilometers. Transceivers of this type may also be used without special permission in most European countries*. Since such radios are installed on many cars, a large CB radio user community has emerged. On whatever road you are on, you can always hear messages from other drivers: about the traffic situation, accidents, weather conditions and local events. Even if you are traveling by oneself, you will not be alone on the road. As a rule, local operational services are always on duty at one of the channels. Thus, in an emergency, you can count on quick help - from other drivers or from operational services. Similar devices are recommended for tractors and combines in the fields. For a good start, we can recommend a simple and reliable CB transceiver of the lower price range - Luiton LT-298 (check out on Promarket-eu or ,,,, ) . The radio has advanced reception and transmission characteristics; the frequency range can be configured for use in different countries. Certified for use in the European Union.

If you don't feel confident in that field or don't want to waste your time deciding which antenna will compliment your radio you may buy a kit. Check out the example Promarket-eu made for you.

More information about this kit you may find in the article "CB Radio Car Kit: Luiton LT-298 Two-way Radio (Transceiver) And CB-Euro Mag Magnetic Antenna – Overview"

You know that the CB radio is the most affordable way of operational communication for personal, family, professional, and other applications. One of the most interesting budget transceivers for installation in a car is a Luiton LT-198.

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You can buy a ready-made kit with an antenna MAG-1345 in the ProMarket online store, as well as on

More information about this kit you may find in the article "Compact CB transceiver Luiton LT-198 for free radio communication, and CB kits with magnetic antennas for the car – an overview"

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* Specific permitted frequencies and legal requirements for unlicensed equipment may be specified for each country where you plan to use the radio. Although there is no need for permission, in some countries registration or a declaration in a simplified form is required.


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